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Please do not copy the questionnaires. Fill this space with whatever information you want to include in your application and mail it in as an attachment to the Form DS-157 to: (Please do not copy what is below): ATTN: S.P.G.S. Sri Lanka Citizenship and Immigration Department 100 Sri Lankan House, 5th Floor Presidential Office 5th Floor Rajah Yes Street, Room 25 Sri Preeti, Colombo- 4010 Dear S.P.G.S. Please allow 8-10 weeks from the date of this mail for processing of your application. S.P.G.S. may, but is not required to, inform you of the status of your application. The Department of State will not process your application if any documents are missing or incorrect. IMPORTANT: If possible, please do not send any documents that are not in English. It is essential that applicants fill in the documents needed for their applications. Please do not use the electronic form and use the printed one if possible. After completing and submitting the above documents in their entirety, you will have received your passport. Please read over the guidelines for filing your application, which includes instructions for mailing your documents. You can find this information on the forms' pages. Please make sure you have the correct address for your mailing address in your application and check with the USPS if you need to change this address. You can use the S.P.G.S. website to see if your information is up-to-date: . If you are having problems with your application, you can ask them to change your information online. Please do not send any documents that are not formatted in the way it was received in the application form. The S.P.G.S. requires that the documents submitted in your application are in the following format. Please fill in the space below and make sure that you mail the completed Application Form to the address provided below. It is important that each page has a clearly legible signature line by the applicant for the applicant's signature to be recorded on the application form.

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Hello good evening everyone this is ivy again and welcome to my channel, so tonight I am going to share to you on how to fill up the form online immigrant visa and alien registration application or this what we call DES 260 upon receiving your Manila case number you can now access the IOC order consumer electronic application center okay then you are going to fill up your personal information your parents information and your spouse so with your educational background, so the first part of this form is your personal address and phone information, so you are going to put to fill up your name then if you have other names used then your sex then marital status if you are married date of birth city of birth that is the town where I am born then the province then we join Philippines so with the country region of origin nationality still Philippines document type passport the document ID that is your passport number you enter there your passport number then the country authority that issued a document of course Philippines then the issuance date expiration date then do you hold, or you have held any nationality other than the one that you have indicated above so no then your present address you put your present address there then the state province the zip code country so from date, so it started from the day I was born, so I already live in the Philippines from the day I was born so have you lived anywhere other than this address or no then primary phone number you are going to put your contact number in the Philippines then if you have a second number you can also enter your second number okay, so we will proceed to the next page the second page okay, so it contains work phone number so if you were working, and you should enter the contact number of your of the of your workplace then enter your email address then if your mailing address the same as your present address, so you say yes permanent address name of person currently living at that address, so you enter there the name of your husband and address that you are going to live here in the US then the phone number of your husband, and then it's this address where you want your permanent resident card to be mailed of course yes okay then the next is family information, so this part is very easy it contains information about your father and your mother fathers name date of birth problems come to rejoin the current address the address of your parents that is the same question the same question Pereira mother more Oh so very easy then the physical address of your mother, so you enter there okay then your spouse full name you enter you the name of your husband the spouse city of birth and spouse state province of birth so in America they don't have province they have state okay then spouse country region of birth so United States of America spouse address same as intended us address okay now we will proceed to the next page okay so this point it talks about a war I know the occupation of your husband...


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